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Hello and greetings to all. As you know, the NFT market is a hot topic these days, and many people are investing in this market and making profits. Since then, in the financial markets, the discussion of NFTs is actually one of the most exciting and entertaining topics. For this reason, in this video, we will discuss a new and excellent marketplace for minting, buying, and selling NFT.

This marketplace is called Laqira, and TOBTC, in cooperation with an international team, has set up this flawless marketplace for buying and selling NFT. Laqira is one of the NFT trading markets in the blockchain world, which provides a secure, low-cost, and user-friendly platform for you by using particular facilities. So stay with us to thoroughly Laqira and its features together.

When you enter the main page of Laqira, you can see the Explore, Laqirace, Profile, and Create options at the top of the page. In the Explore section, you can see the NFTs for buying and selling. Laqirace is a 3D game designed on the Binance chain platform, and its NFTs will be released soon. You can mint your NFTs in the profile section of each user in the create section. On the first page, as you can see, the latest minted NFTs are placed. The next part is the marketplace security audit, which was received by SlowMist, one of the most reliable companies in the crypto field. This company checks blockchain codes in terms of security and quality.

First, let’s check the profile section, which is the most important part of our marketplace. When you enter the profile, you first see the wallet option, which shows the status of your Wallet. In this section, the first step is to connect a wallet to your Marketplace.
To do this, click on the wallet option. When you enter this section, you can see Trust Wallet, SafePal, WalletConnect, and MetaMask options.

You can use MetaMask as an extension on your browsers. SafePal and WalletConnect are helpful for users who have their Wallet on another device and want to have it on another device, which can be done through a QR code. Finally, Trust Wallet can be used both as an application and an extension for the browser.

The voltage status will be shown to you when the connection is established. You can disconnect this connection at any time.

After that, enter the profile again and add the LQR token to the Wallet at the bottom. This is possible through Wallet directly. In this section, you can see that your Wallet uses BSC Network. If you don’t see the network, you can add it from the profile section. For any other network you are working on, you can switch it directly to BSC Network.

The next part of the profile section is the personal section. In this section, you need to enter your personal data. This personal data includes a photo or avatar, name and family name, and address of social networks. You can also add a description of yourself in this section. Finally, click update profile and press the Sign option on the opened page. Now you have to wait for the data to be saved.

The next option in the profile section is Approve NFT, from which you can approve all NFTs and save time and money.

When you mint an NFT, it enters the Pending section. When the NFT is in this area, you should wait for the support check and confirmation. If your NFT is not approved, it will be placed in the Ejected section.

The Transfer section holds all the NFTs you have transferred.

The NFTs you put up for sale are also placed in the Marketplace section. Also, the NFTs you bid on are set in the Active Bid section. You should note that whenever the NFT you want is sold, you must select Cancel Bid in this section to return the amount to your Wallet. In this section, you can update and change your suggested prices.

Now we want to see how the NFT minting process is:

1. Enter the Create section.

2. Upload the accepted format, which is one of JPG, PNG, Gif, WebP, or as an image or animation.

3. Choose the title and description you want.

Here you can see a section called Royalties, which is determined by a percentage.

The percentage you define in this section is the income from NFT for you as the creator of the work. When someone buys your NFT and re-sells it, the percentage you enter in this section will be credited to your account from the NFT sale. As long as this NFT has value and is sold, this percentage of the sale will be credited to your account on each transaction. If you enter this value as 0, you will not have any income from the sale of NFT.

The open page will show you all the information and costs when you select Create. Next, you need to confirm this information and wait for the response from the blockchain network. When the desired NFT is minted, it is placed in the Approved section.

When you enter the Approved section, you will see three options, each of which has a different use:

Approve this NFT which approves each of the NFTs for sale.

Approve all NFTs This option approves all NFTs in this section for sale. This option will save time and money.

And Transfer, which this NFT is finally transferred to its new owner with this NFT option.

When you select the Approve option, and your operation is approved in the blockchain, you will see an option called Ready to sell Token. When you choose this option, you will have two choices:

A fixed price is when you want to sell your Token at a fixed price that cannot be changed. Therefore, you should use this option.

Auction is also for when you want to sell your Token in the auction mode. It means that your price is the base price, and buyers can bid on this price. In this section, you have the option to sell your Token at the price you want, and the final price decision will be entirely up to you.

The price you choose in these options is the unit of the Token you have connected to your network, which will be the LQR token. After confirmation, you must wait for the network’s response. Then your Token will be placed in your profile’s marketplace and the For sales section. Also, you can update the price of your Token or stop selling it at any time.

But let’s check the Explore section. In this section, you can see all the NFTs that have been put up for sale. Each user can check the price and specifications of each NFT in this section. By clicking on the profile, you will access the personal and general information of the NFT owner. It is suggested that you check all the seller’s information, including social networks and any other information required, before buying any NFT. You can also view all the seller’s Marketplace NFTs.

When you click on any NFT, you will be shown information about the NFT and its price. In addition, you can see another option in this section called Approve NFT Marketplace, which will be blockchain approval for NFT purchases. Therefore, if you intend to buy NFT, you should choose this option.

When you select this option, you will be shown two options:

Buy Now, by choosing this option, you can buy NFT at the same defined price.

Bidding, in this section, you can specify a bid for NFT. However, the price you describe in this option must be lower than the price defined by the seller. The difference between this part and the Auction is in this issue because, in the Auction part, you have to offer a price higher than the defined price.

Another appealing option in this section for buying NFT is that you can buy it as a gift. For example, you can buy the NFT you want as a gift for someone else in the Buy NFT section. It is enough to select the Buy NFT as a gift option instead of your wallet address in the destination address field and send the desired NFT to the person’s Wallet.

Thank you for being with us so far. We emphasize again that Laqira is a compelling platform that was designed with the efforts of a professional and creative team. Laqira’s NFT Marketplace has many features. The acquisition of international standards by SlowMist is one of the features of this very reliable platform. Don’t forget to follow us on Telegram, YouTube, and Twitter. Also, through our website, you can get helpful information in various fields of financial markets. See you in the next video, bye.

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